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Insurance for Valuable Items

Do you own certain items which are special or carry a high monetary value? Are they items that may also appreciate in value or be a one of a kind item? Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not provide you sufficient limits or broad enough coverage for certain personal items such as jewelry, silverware, furs, guns, … More

Need a Contractor? Are they Insured?

We have all hired contractors to do work around our homes, some jobs big, some small. Did you ever think to ask them if they have insurance? Did you ever ask for proof of that insurance? It is second nature for contractors to provide proof of insurance for commercial work to general contractors or business … More

Choose Your Insurance Carrier Carefully

When consumers purchase goods and services, they want quality. This is why advertisers place commercials and ads highlighting these traits such as – “FORD TOUGH”, CHEVY TRUCK STRONG”, “AJAX STRONGER THAN DIRT”, heck even toilet paper like CHARMIN touts STRONGER BETTER. When people buy they want it to work and last. Except when they buy insurance. They think … More

Water Damage – A Claim Nightmare

Prevent water damage claims

Did you know that one of the most damaging claims you can have on a homeowners policy, is also preventable? Water damages to the interior of your home is likely the homeowner insurance claim you will experience. Statistics show that there is almost a 70% chance you will experience some type of water damage claim, large or … More

Insurance and Advertising – What are they really trying to say?

There are a number of insurance carriers who advertise on TV, but what exactly is there real message? After all, these ads cost millions, so they are all looking for a return on investment. Call me a skeptic but here is the formula as I see it, premiums – claims – operating costs = profit. … More

What to Do If You Have A Property Claim

How to maximize your recovery and ensure a smooth claim process: Take photos of the damage Protect your property from further damage – this may entail some temporary repairs Do not allow the disposal of any damaged property until the claim is settled You, the insured, control who can do temp repairs or mitigate cleaning. … More

Decision Making and Buying Insurance

Did you know that if a person knew the date of their death, it drives up the possibility that they would buy life insurance by over 60%? If people knew there was a disaster coming of some sort, they all want to run out and buy insurance.  Why is that? Maybe not as simple as so … More

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A Big Mistake Made by Homeowners

home inventory

What do you think is one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make? Not keeping a home inventory! You might say “I’ve never made a home inventory!” or “I don’t know anyone who has a list of all of their belongings!” Well, we are here to tell you that a lack of home inventory could … More

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Question: What is Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost?

what is replacement cost small

Answer: Actual Cash Value is a method of valuation that recognizes the reduction of value of property as it gets older and becomes subject to wear and tear. Actual Cash Value is calculated by taking the current replacement cost and subtracting depreciation. Replacement cost is the cost to replace damaged property with like kind and … More

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